Monday, June 10, 2013

Life as I know it

I have sort-of gotten into a routine of life as it is now.

I got terminated from my last "real" job that was on the books, and I got a "real" pay stub 10/21/2010. I only remember this date as it was the same day as my parents 32nd wedding anniversary. I never could remember what date their anniversary was until that day I was terminated.

I honestly, don't remember 2011 at all. It came up during last week's therapy session. My therapist asked me when I was fired? A simple question, but my mind was in fog. Was is 2011 or 2010? 2010 seemed like so long ago.

Slowly, my mind worked through the fog, and bits and pieces came to me, as I spent most of the weekend piecing it back together, Like doing a puzzle with the blank cardboard pieces up, and then turning over the puzzle after it was put back together.

Being terminated..... going to court... being denied unemployment benefits... big gap..... starting my dental implants. I remember it was November 28th that my dental implant process started so what happened between Jan of 2010 and the end of November 2010? I honestly couldn't tell you.

I told my therapist it was like that file of my brain was removed, and I don't recall a single thing.

Fast forward today. I am settled into my new daily / weekly routine.

Monday: clean my house before 10 am
Tuesday: water the yard, and weed, and dead head any of the plants
Wednesday: clean, work on a food project or eliminate clutter by going through a junk box, or condense stuff
Thursday: water the yard, weed, trim back the overgrowth
Friday: clean, finish the project of the week
Saturday: water the yard, transplant anything that looks like it is not happy where it is.
Sunday: Day of rest... HA HA HA - get out of the house before I can get stuck doing something I don't want to do like clean or do laundry or water the yard. Stay out as long as possible sometimes not returning home until 2-3 in the am.

I have been looking for work for the past couple of weeks. Looking online at various job websites. Keeping a MS-Word log of where I am applying and pasting the info into the log. I don't need to turn it it, but it keeps me from re-applying to the same jobs if the employer / staffer is cross posting.

After I was putting away some laundry tonight I wondered if I could return to the office after being out of it for so long? I still have all of my office wardrobe, although now it is over 5 yrs old, and probably not as trendy as everyone's current office attire. But black skirts can always be worn with cute lil tops, and if needed after I get back into the swing of things; I can update my look. I'm not worried about that part. I always dressed on the conservative side, which is good my clothing can last from one trend to another.

I'm worried about being able to conform back to sitting in a cubical all day long. My current life is where I'm on my feet most of the day doing something, some days when I am doing back to back food projects I don't sit for 4-6 hours. And in the office you sit for 8 hrs + only getting up to use the restroom or get something off of the printer. I remember those long boring days all too well. How on earth did I do it?