Wednesday, July 24, 2013

About Me

About me:

Even when I was a small child I could not stomach things like eating early in the morning before work, or taking vitamins on an empty stomach. As life when on I just figured I was eating poorly and as a result my stomach was paying for it. You know those days when you crap fast food with coffee, then snacks in the office donuts and more coffee, then fast food lunch, 3 pm snacks to keep from falling asleep in of your monitor while in your cubicle, rush home to eat more fast food, and then in my case spend the rest of the night popping tums, eating ginger or peppermint candy, and even some nights hugging the toilet wishing to die. Whenever I got really sick, I assumed I had the 24-hour bug or food poisoning, and didn’t think much of it. I had a weak stomach and it became a day-to-day thing, which I actually got used to!

So now fast forward to August 10th, 2012, fed up with the stomach pains I went to see a specialist a nutritionist. I already believe in alternative medicine and taking herbs to cure ailments, so going to a nutritionist was not a far stretch, but I thought going to a nutritionist meant I was looking to learn how to eat healthy to lose weight. I had & have no intention of doing that. So I go to my nutritionist and she started off by pricking my finger, so she can smear some of my blood on a glass slide. This was something new for me. Afterwards she connected her microscope to a monitor like for a computer, and there in black and white I saw what looked like a long worm inching around. She told me that was my blood and they were clumped together unable to absorb any nutrients, because in so many words I was eating crap, and they were unable to do their job. So from there we did “Applied Kinesiology”. What we did was I held various foods, like corn kernels, and soy beans, and a few other things in little Dixie like cups, and she put her fingers on my wrist to feel if my heart rate increased while holding the cups of food. If my heart rate did increase, that meant that my muscles were tensing up, and in essence my body would not process that food item, and do it’s best to expel that item like a poison. 

It turned out that I am allergic to 29 food items, and they are:
Barley, Corn, Flax, Gluten, Wheat
Eggplant, Mushrooms, Oranges, Peppers, Pepinos, Pimentoes, Potatoes, Raisins, Tamarios, Tomatillos, Tomatoes
Peanuts, Sesame, Walnuts
Aspartame, Saccharin
brewers yeast, egg yolks, paprika, sulfites, green tea, Textured Vegetable Protein, whole cow's milk

At first I was in utter shock, if I can’t eat those items what on earth am I supposed to eat? I purged all the food in my house, everything from my deep freezer, to my medicine cabinet. Amazingly some of the food items had not 1 bot 4 or 5 of the ingredients in it making me sick from morning to night, and I was upset about what CRAP I was really eating. 15 paper sacks later my fridge, and cabinets were empty.

Then I panicked. My kitchen was empty what was I supposed to eat? Everything I enjoyed eating was on the list of cannot eat. So from there I went online and started reading healthy gluten free, dairy free, grain free blogs, and here I am today. Feeling like night and day from my previous life. Every day is a struggle, I have gotten into a routines of foods I know I can eat and only spend about 30 mins in the health food store. At first I would spend 2+ hours in the health food store and read every single label and have mini melt downs / pity party’s when I would read every cereal box and find out there was no cereal I could eat, because even at a health food store all the cereals would have at least 1 ingredient that I was allergic to. Thoughts of eating honey nut cheerios or rice crispy treats were no longer an option and I had no idea what I was going to do.

Since then, the pity party’s no longer happen. I walk in with a shopping list for the food projects I want to accomplish that month, plus the favorites, and the staples that I buy every month, even if we have enough in the house already.

I have made friends with the staff of the health food store, and when they ask at check out if I found everything I wanted, I still answer, “No”, because there is still no cereal on their shelves that I can eat, and the same goes for “Asian dressing” because all “Asian dressings” have soy and/or sesame in them and I can’t have soy or sesame, essential ingredients to make that dressing “Asian”, but I still have my hopes and my taste buds to deal with.

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